A crisis doesn't have to be a disaster

We believe that by helping organisations deal better with crises, we can limit the impact they have on people, their business and the environment.

What we offer Our experience

Introducing CEDARthree

With 20 years’ experience to draw on, working around the world in government, finance, retail, media, transport and utilities, we’ve learned what really works in a crisis - and what just gets in the way.

To that end, our crisis management plans are concise and easy to implement at short notice, and we help train and exercise staff in how to use them.

Our straightforward and practical approach ensures that if the unexpected should happen, our clients’ businesses are well prepared, ready to respond and primed for recovery.

What is a crisis?

A crisis may be defined as an abnormal situation or perception, which threatens the operation, staff, customers or reputation of an organisation.

What is crisis management?

Crisis management is the process by which the organisation manages the wider impact of a crisis, such as the safety and care of people, the business issues and media coverage.

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