As well as offering training as a standard part of all our crisis management plans, we also run a handful of courses for those interested in learning more about the subject.  

  • ​Crisis management as a career

    Crisis management is a specialist and rewarding career, which has the care of people at its heart. This introductory course focuses on sharing an understanding of the core principles of crisis management, and suggests routes for you to gain experience and - potentially - find clients.

  • Decision-making under pressure

    When a major incident or crisis occurs, everyone wants to know everything as quickly as possible. In reality, when time is of the essence, key decision makers have to be able to prioritise their actions. Learning and practicing who is responsible when crisis strikes - and what kind of decisions they will be making - is a key part of crisis management training.

  • Strategic / Gold Team training course

    The Strategic or Gold Team must feel confident that they will receive timely and accurate information to enable them to assess the strategic impact of an incident and make any necessary strategic decisions. They have a vital role to provide clear direction where and when it is needed and to represent the organisation to major stakeholders including the media. Our training highlights these key issues, instils confidence and underlines the Strategic Team’s unique responsibilities.

  • Secretariat / Administrative Support training course

    The Secretariat or Administrative Support Team provide a conduit for information coming in to the Crisis Management Team (CMT). Once messages are received the Secretariat quickly prioritise them and then take the messages into the CMT for them to action. The Secretariat is also where all the “noisy” machines are; the telephones, computers, photocopiers and fax machines. This enables the CMT to have a quiet environment in which to assess the impact of the crisis, identify key issues and develop an action plan. The Secretariat/Administrative Support is a specialist role which requires training.

Customised courses

We're also happy to design a course to fit your needs. If you're interested in participating in a course, or customising one to fit your business or organisation, please get in touch.

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